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Your tuition fee includes all of the appropriate course materials in electronic format only (e.g., eBook and PDF manual).
Hardcover manuals and calculators are sold separately.

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Hardcover Manual:

The Sauder School of Business and the Real Estate Division are committed to sustainability. By using the eBook or PDF version of the course manual that are included with your registration, you will help us with our initiative and save approximately 1000 printed pages.

However, we understand that everyone learns differently. If necessary, you can purchase a hardcover manual for an additional $200.00. If you are undecided, you can purchase a hardcover manual from the RED Bookstore at a later date. No Refunds are available after purchase. Please check the box below if you would like to purchase and add the hardcover manual to your Course registration.

$ 200.00

Calculator or Calculator App:

Due to ongoing global supply chain issues and chip shortages, there is currently a shortage of HP10Bii+ calculators.

Students who plan to write their examination at the UBC Computerized Examination Centre (CEC), or on a regularly scheduled exam date at our Vancouver or Langley centres should download the 10bii calculator app from In a Day Development to use during the course. If you plan to write your exam in the Lower Mainland, you DO NOT need to purchase a calculator. You may request use of an iPad or tablet with the 10bii app for your examination

If you choose to write your examination on a regularly scheduled examination date outside of the Lower Mainland (at a location other than Vancouver or Langley), you will need a physical calculator for your exam. The calculator we recommend is the Hewlett Packard 10Bii+ Calculator. There are many used calculators for sale on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and other Buy/Sell websites, along with other vendors who sell the calculator, and we encourage you to explore these options. If necessary, you can also purchase the calculator from the RED Bookstore for $112 ($100 plus $12 tax). No refunds are available after purchase and supply is limited.

If you are unsure as to which exam option you will choose, consider delaying the purchase of a calculator and in the meantime, download the calculator app for use during the course.